Down to Kid Central with Mr. Magee

Even though it doesn’t rhyme, we’re really excited to announce that Maine author/illustrator Chris Van Dusen is coming to this year’s Kid Central Festival courtesy of The Briar Patch!

ChrisVanDusen 9780811852258 9780763630904Chris Van Dusen will be reading from his newest book, the hilarious President Taft is Stuck in the Bath, illustrated by Van Dusen and written by Mac Barnett. His event will begin at 10 am and he’ll be staying to autograph books and meet fans until noon.

Van Dusen is the creator of many outstanding books for children, including Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee, If I Built a House, The Circus Ship, and many others. About President Taft is Stuck in the Bath, he says, “This is just the kind of outrageously silly story I love to illustrate. Plus, President Taft was a blast to paint!”

President Taft

George Washington crossed the Delaware in the dead of night. Abraham Lincoln saved the Union. And President William Howard Taft, a man of great stature — well, he got stuck in a bathtub. Now how did he get unstuck? Author Mac Barnett and illustrator Chris Van Dusen bring their full comedic weight to this legendary story, imagining a parade of clueless cabinet members advising the exasperated president, leading up to a hugely satisfying, hilarious finale.


Coming Soon!

We’re getting ready for this year’s Kid Central Festival and that’s means lots of planning and updates to the website. Stay tuned in the coming months for announcements about what to expect at our Fourth Annual event!

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Introducing Lilly Bristol, Dinosaur Wrangler!

425133_10150702924556407_71708341_nWe’re excited to have local cartoonist/illustrator Josh Alves returning to Kid Central Festival this year. He’ll be at The Briar Patch from 10-11 AM where you can join him in making a Putrid Puppet Pal from the Zeke Meeks chapter book series. Catch him for his autograph then or stop by his table in Kid Central HQ at 11 AM. Josh will give you a sneek peak of his new picture book, Lilly Bristol, Dinosaur Wrangler and the Town a Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!

Here’s a special Lilly Bristol coloring page you can print out at home and bring to show Josh at the festival.



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